Is your lawn unleveled, burnt out or just in poor condition? If so you have a couple options. The first option would be to aerate, dethatch, top dress with new soil (if needed) and then re-seed. This process can take some time to get your lawn looking presentable again and can sometimes be just a band-aid to the real problem.

The other option would be to just re-do your yard completely which is usually much cheaper than people would think and will create a beautiful lawn faster that will last for many more years. If you decide to re-do your lawn, here’s the process.

  1. First thing we do is assess what the problem is. If your lawn is completely filled with weeds we might suggest spraying and kill everything off first. If we do this the lawn will have to sit for 10-14 days before the real work begins.
  2. The next step is we bring in a tractor with a rototiller on it that will go down 6-10 inches. After everything is roto-tilled under and you have black dirt again.
  3. We will then re-level the yard and clean out any rocks or garbage that comes up.
  4. Then the dirt will be pulverized and the seed will be sewn into the ground. At this point, your lawn has been re-done and can be left to grow…

To help increase your rate of success the other thing you need to consider is covering your lawn with erosion blanket.

  • Why rototill my yard?
    • Over the years the lawn has become compacted and the nutrients have been stripped off the top causing the roots to not be able to grow as deep. Rototilling will loosen up the ground and mix the nutrients back into the soil.
  • My yard was bumpy before and the water didn’t drain correctly
    • In the re-leveling process, all of these issues will be addressed. High areas will be cut down and low areas will be filled making the water flow correctly off of your lawn and eliminating the bumpy lawn
  • How is the grass seed put down?
    • Tomasello’s sews in the grass seed. A lot like slit seeding. The tractor makes a groove, drops a seed and covers it up. This helps the seed get a better start because it is planted in the ground. It helps hold moisture and the seed is able to anchor to the ground much faster.
  •  Why seed over sod?
    • Sod is grown in nice black dirt fields then cut off at the roots to be laid on not so perfect soil conditions. The new grass does not like to adapt to the soil so the roots never grow as deep. With seed, the grass adapts to your soil and does much better because that is all it knows.
  • How long will it take for my new seed to grow?
    • Your grass, with proper watering, will sprout in 10-14 days and will need it first cutting at approximately 60 days.
  • Why would I put down erosion blanket?
    • The erosion blanket helps hold in the moisture allowing you to water less. It also prevents erosion and seeds being washed away and third it makes it really difficult for birds to get the seeds. In turn, making your lawn grow faster and fuller.
  • What are my responsibilities after Tomasello’s leaves?
    • You will need to keep the lawn watered and start a weed/fertilizing program in roughly 4-6 weeks.

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