Drainage and Grading solutions for your Home or Commercial Property

Drain Tiles

Do gutter down spouts and extensions to direct the water just that extra few feet away from your home litter your landscape beds? Do they wash away your mulch and interfere with your walk ways? Tomasello’s can literally make them disappear, into the ground to maintain a clean, neat appearance. Drain tiles are buried deep enough to avoid freezing in the winter and provide a means for water to be directed away from your home and walkways without interfering with every day traffic and aesthetics of your landscape. Drain tiles extend 20 ft. away from your home on average, longer if necessary, and each have a ‘pop-up’ at the end in the event of a heavy rainfall in which the water needs to exit the drain tile in a rush.


Swales are installed to help ensure proper drainage, minimize runoff or capture storm water. They direct water away from your home or business. Swales for water movement are either used in areas with poor soil infiltration rates, or the swale is designed so that the water moves in the swale instead of soaking into the ground. In that case there is usually an impervious layer, like engineered clay or a geotextile fabric, lining the swale to prevent infiltration.

French Drains

We properly design and build French drain systems which prevent water from penetrating a building or home’s foundation, a soggy lawn or a washed out driveway. French drains are also when building a retaining wall on a hillside. The dimensions of a French drain will vary depending on the terrain and volume of water needing to be redirected.

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